When it is talk about moths they are mainly found in your carpets and also in furniture. These types of moths can damage the natural fibers of your carpets, fur and even leather items. These types of moth can damage by eating the protein like wood, cotton and silk. These are pests that enter in your house through opened windows and doors and your clothes, infested luggage or contaminated food. These are measured pests because these types of moths eat different kinds of natural fabrics attracted by proteins and also present in some organic materials. There are so many people who think that they do not have a profusion of natural fibers and fabrics within their home that they are not at risk of moth infestations. These types of small infestations can actually be extremely large and they are utilizing so many hidden areas to enable successful development of its four life cycle stages.

At that time when you don’t care of these moths pests then they are increase in rapid rise in numbers and they have doubled within few years. When these types of moths are entered in your home then can cause trouble and also damage to a lot of fabrics in your home, but when it comes to commercial infestations of textiles then at that time moth infestation provide a significant impact on your business.

How to identify the problem of Moths:-

Moths are not actually eating fabric but their purpose is to reproduce their larvae that do all the damage. These moths have different preferences according their nature and they go for materials, which means their larvae cause slightly different damage to fabrics and materials. When people notice the cause of damage of clothes but there are other indications of moth infestation.

So there are so many signs from which you have indicate the presence of moths in your property:-

  • These types of moths are preferred in dark places and also in undisturbed areas such as basements and roof voids and they are preferred to live in corners. If you do see tiny moths flying about in the kitchen then they are probably pantry moths that originating from some infested cereal, flour or stored food item.
  • They are also found in open packets of dried foodstuffs such as flour, cereal and grains and the larvae which are in white and also they are possibly with a dark head depending on the particular variety of moths.
  • These types of moths are also found in folds and creases of clothing and curtains, and they prefer to hide away from light, remember to check items thoroughly.

Tips to prevent these moths:-

  • Firstly you have to use vacuum cleaner because this is the best way to get rid of moths. When you have to provide regular and thorough vacuum on the closet and surrounding areas. These moths like dark places such as corners, baseboards, under furniture, etc.

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